Monday, July 6, 2015

Newest shirts from Donald Trump Collection

After deciding to discontinue Trump merchandise in its stores a New York based retail chain perhaps might consider carrying re-labelled haberdashery from the Trump Collection. 

Claiming Fair Use Rule. Image NY Times- AP

Friday, July 3, 2015

Serta will not be sleeping with Trump anymore.

In the continuing string of Trump dumping partners, Serta, the mattress maker, is the latest to kick Donald Trump out of bed.

Trump iSeries Mattress available from Serta 
The mattress company clearly realizes even the busiest immigrant rapists need to sleep once in a while, and when they do, their first choice is Trump’s signature series of tacky mattresses, a fact apparently lost on the Donald.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

We must punish Mexico!

Donald Trump, front runner in the race for the 2016 Presidential nomination for the Republican party is absolutely right. Mexico has been strong arming the US into accepting deals which are bad for Americans. Now Mexico has even recruited Macy’s to punish Trump.
When will they ever stop?

Image: Immigrant Rights March Kevin Coles, Flickr 
Anyone out there who hates Mexico there is a really great way to get even with the country that sends us all its undesirables;
Fire illegals on all farms that have been hiring them. Start hiring app developers, bankers, and other Americans who are desperately seeking manual work. Similarly on construction sites only hire real Americans, most of whom live on reservations. Fire immigrants.
Fire the lawn care crews and those who work on golf courses where loyal, patriotic Washington politicians play. Find every industry where Mexicans are employed and replace them with Americans dying to work hard.

Higher wage Americans will drive up prices of almost everything. People will stop buying houses, produce, and other items that used to be produced by immigrants and illegals. Once our economy takes a deeper dive, the public will grow poorer, and Mexico’s exports to the US will decline.

Compounding the problem will be all the unemployed Mexicans returning to their homeland, robbing banks, pushing drugs, and wreaking havoc with society as they will not be able to get the lavish lifestyle they had become accustomed to while in the US in the underground economy.

They will even be able to get free, or subsidized healthcare under the country’s Universal Healthcare program; what an alien, socialist rip off concept. In contrast they would have been paying full price for the absolute best medical care in the world right here in the US since as illegal aliens they could not enroll in ObamaDoesn’tCare.
That ought to teach them an unforgettable lesson.

With the American economy dead and buried, Mexico will soon be in ruins. Mission accomplished.
Let’s do this! Yea!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trump Dumping Continues.

Department store Macy’s is the newest ex-partner to kick flamboyant Donald Trump to the curb. The real estate mogul got screwed royally after calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ by losing business partners almost immediately. After Univision, NBC, and Carlos Slim walked away from deals, the popular New York based department store has also decided to dump Trump’s underwear, more commonly known as swimsuits, along with neckties, and cuff links.

As Trump’s mostly flashy and tacky merchandise ‘magically’ disappears from Macy’s shelves, the Donald appears to be gaining in popularity with the anti-immigration crowd. If this trend continues other wannabe candidates might want to jump on the immigrant bashing band wagon soon.

For the foreseeable future, if you are an immigrant, do not get caught praying in a black church in a confederate State. In any event, “may the force be with you”!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trump got Dumped again!

So far Donald Trump's quest for the White House has not been good for business. He just got dumped again. This time by Carlos Slim, world’s 2nd wealthiest individual, worth almost $71 billion, who said he cannot work with someone who has a narrow mind and a huge big mouth .

Becoming Unhinged
Slim must have been wondering, this insignificant clown (Trump is worth a paltry $4 billion if you include his bleach blond hair) blames so much on Mexicans, yet thieves, rapists, murderers, gun runners, and fugitives of all kinds come into Mexico from the US and even those who come legally  don't want to work on an honest manual labor job.

At least the illegal Mexicans go to work immediately in farms and fields managed by corporations and owned by powerful politicians and their friends.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bobby Jindal the Fearless

Piyush Bobby Jindal says he is tanned, rested and ready for a fight. After destroying Louisiana with his policies he did indeed need the rest. As far as the tan goes, when was he ever not tanned?

He says he is running for the White house without permission from Washington. Fearless may have a tough time seeking permission from his own party. The proverbial snowball has a better chance surviving in New Orleans than his odds for the nomination.

Here is his excerpted speech in fast forward.

#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite #louisiana 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

George and Jeb, the Bush brothers.

“When they were young, Jeb was somebody for George to torture,” their cousin Ellis recounted in the 2004 book “The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty.”

Source: LA Times Story. “Bush brothers have a complex relationship, marked by fierce rivalry, wounded feelings” June 17, 2015. Mark Barabak. 

Funny, when George grew up he built himself a big old camp in Cuba to continue this pastime with renewed vigor.

#georgebush #jebbush #torture

Univision gets booted from Trump's golf courses

You don’t just walk away from Donald Trump. Now he is hopping mad. Getting back at Univision for the Miss Universe snub, he has told the media company to keep their staff out of his Trump National Doral golf retreat, a property that lies next to Univision’s headquarters in Miami.

Trump National Doral

Does that also mean no more illegal Mexicans will be allowed to work on Doral facilities?
Trump will now either have to import labor from China, which he also condemns, or come up with a novel idea; hire Americans.

#donaldtrump #univision #americanjobs

Friday, June 26, 2015

A better musical score for Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal announcement speech

Piyush has tried it all to assimilate completely; high heeled cowboy boots, big old buckles, camouflage jackets, AR-15 assault rifles and hanging out with his best friends from Duck Dynasty.

But Buckwheat Zydeco, the Louisiana musician whose song was used by Governor Jindal's onstage introduction, has stated Jindal does not represent him. To help the Governor out a more appropriate score is suggested in this edited video that includes music from his ancestral India’s famed Bollywood film industry.

#bobbyjindal #piyush #BuckwheatZydeco 

Bobby Jindal Presidential bid launch video

The video has since disappeared much like his Indian heritage. The sappy fake video was apparently removed when Piyush noticed all the video was doing was attracting jokes on social media.

#bobbyjindalvideo #2016republicanrace