Monday, November 2, 2015

The $43 Million NG station in Afghanistan and can we start a new war please?

The $43 Million NG station in Afghanistan is precisely the reason why we should be at war all the time. Imagine the ecstatic merriment of U.S. contractors who worked on this project to build a gas compressing and filling station in a region where it could be blown up anytime, and then of course rebuilt.

With investment opportunities like these why would we bother putting money in communist-socialist ideas like Universal healthcare, free university education, or paid family leave. This is also why we don't have money to take care of our veterans or seniors and why Social Security needs to be compromised.

No wonder, businessmen would rather take their resources where profits are renewable and expanding market share only requires an extensive bombing campaign. We, the stupid tax paying people, who elect politicians into office should rejoice when we navigate along crumbling infrastructure that could rival a third world country in some areas of the nation because we understand the priorities of big business and their political serfs.

During his second term in office, Barack Obama has essentially been wasting his Nobel Peace Prize! Time is short and there are so many of those Muslim countries that need to be civilized, democratized and the war effort to be monetized. But he has done his best.

Oh well! There’s always hope. And there’s always Hillary Clinton. And she won't even need a Nobel Peace Prize!

How to Sell your Mother again and again

AliMama- New Exchange for Selling Mothers.
AliMama- New Exchange for Selling Mothers. Trademarks and Copyrights belong to respective owners.
It is widely understood many politicians will sell their mother for expediency. Sometimes, many times over. But now, Etsy the Wall St. flea market, eBay, and Amazon all have told politicians not to sell your mother again and again. One of the reasons is, as a politician gains popularity the price of mothers falls in the secondary market.
The largest beneficiary of used mother sales is Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. So-called World chicken leaders routinely sell their mothers for Netanyahu’s benefit and callously look the other way when the Zionist leader engages blatantly in war crimes and crimes against humanity against Palestinians. And as prices fall Netanyahu becomes even more powerful. 
Major corporations also benefiting from used mother sales include big banks, GMO food companies, Defense equipment vendors, oil companies, and a host of other large businesses. But falling prices mean a drop in revenues at the used goods exchanges and Etsy, eBay and Amazon are losing interest in providing a platform for this trade. 
Netanyahu, always the crafty two-bit thug, is starting a new exchange called AliMama where he plans to transfer all such transactions once the major resellers clamp down on the unethical, shameless trades. 
World politicians, to say the least, are ecstatic about the idea as sales, resales, futures, options and options on futures, meaning all derivatives, will be available to them for selling the most sacred of all relationships; their own mothers.